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Your car’s brakes and suspension are two systems that are responsible for not just your safety on the road, but also how well your vehicle actually drives. Your brakes, which are designed to slow and stop the car while it is in motion, are the single most important safety feature on your four wheels, and must be maintained and kept in good working order at all times. Your suspension, which is the system that absorbs shocks and helps your vehicle’s performance as you drive down the road, is equally as important to your car’s overall driveability. For the best suspension repair and brake repair in DeLand, FL, you’ll want to get your car to the experts at DeLand Auto Fix.

Brake Repair DeLand FL

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle and must be maintained at all times. The brake pads or shoes in your braking system are designed to wear out over time, so they will require replacement about once per year. If you drive on worn pads or shoes for too long, you may end up requiring brake repair in DeLand, FL, and then it will be time to call the team at DeLand Auto Fix. If you hear squealing, squeaking, or grinding from your brakes, you more than likely need brake repair in DeLand, FL, from the experts at DeLand Auto Fix. Make an appointment today!

Suspension Repair DeLand FL

Your vehicle’s suspension may not get the attention of some of the flashier parts of your vehicle, but making sure it is in good working order is essential to the driveability of your car. During each oil change, a good mechanic will inspect your suspension system for weaknesses, especially in the sway bar and swap bar bolt. These pieces, if weakened or broken, won’t destroy your ability to drive the vehicle, but the handling will be way off. If you feel like your car doesn’t control like it once did, bring it in for suspension repair in DeLand, FL, from the team at DeLand Auto Fix.

Suspension & Brake Repair Near Me

If you’ve got a problem with your suspension or brakes, you may need suspension repair or brake repair in DeLand, FL, from the experts at DeLand Auto Fix. Don’t drive around in a car that can’t safely stop, or doesn’t drive as it should. Make an appointment or stop by our shop today!

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