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When people think about what makes their cars go, they usually attribute that power to the engine and the transmission. What people rarely consider are the rest of the pieces necessary to make your car move forward. This interconnected system that makes things move is commonly referred to as the powertrain. It includes your engine and transmission, of course, but also the driveline and its components. When your vehicle’s powertrain, even a single part of it, is in distress, there is a really good chance that you aren’t going to be getting to your destination. When it comes to powertrain repair in DeLand, FL, the experts that can’t be beat at DeLand Auto Fix.

Powertrain Service DeLand FL

Since your powertrain is made up of so many important pieces, it is difficult to refer to powertrain service as a singular thing. Engines get serviced, transmissions get serviced, but rarely does the entire powertrain get dedicated service. The pieces that make up the powertrain, however, do require servicing as the car hits certain milestones, and a full guide to when and how often can be found in the back of your car’s owner’s manual. In addition to the engine and transmission, the powertrain also contains the driveshaft, differentials, axle shaft, U-joint, and CV joints, so when you hear your mechanic refer to those pieces, he is talking about parts of your powertrain.

Powertrain Repair DeLand FL

Finding a problem with your powertrain can be a complex problem, as the many pieces working together get be thrown off by even a small malfunction. If your vehicle feels sluggish, loses power when going up hills, or doesn’t seem to have the oomph it once did, bring it in for powertrain repair in DeLand, FL, from the experts at DeLand Auto Fix. It might be a complex puzzle to find exactly where the problem lies, but our team is more than up to the job. We will find the problem and discuss repairs with you before we ever pick up a wrench.

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If you’ve got a problem that requires powertrain repair in DeLand, FL, you need to call the experts at DeLand Auto Fix. We can not only find where the problem is, but we can also provide top-of-the-line powertrain repair in DeLand, FL. Don’t trust just any auto repair shop with such an essential and complex part of your vehicle; bring it to the team at DeLand Auto Fix today.

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