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preventative and scheduled maintenance

When you were learning to drive a vehicle, hopefully part of the lesson was on what you need to know to maintain said vehicle. This means learning how to change a tire, checking fluid levels, and the importance of keeping up with your preventative and scheduled maintenance on the vehicle. Obviously, the most important service you can have performed, and the one that you’ll have performed most frequently, is the oil change in DeLand, FL, but there is much more to it than just that. For all things maintenance, skip the dealership and bring your vehicle to the experts at DeLand Auto Fix. We will help keep your car running at its very best.

Oil Change DeLand FL

Getting an oil change in DeLand, FL, is the single most important thing you can do for your car. Today’s synthetic oils have pushed out the frequency of how often most cars need their oil change to about 4,000 miles or three times per year, but even with this relaxed schedule, it is important to stay on top of things. The action of completed draining the worn oil from your engine and replacing it with a fresh batch, along with the replacement of your oil filter, will keep your engine running for the long haul. As you know engine oil degrades with heat and friction over time, and having it replaced is essential to the health of your engine’s moving components. When you need an oil change in DeLand, FL, call the experts at DeLand Auto Fix to get it done right.

Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance DeLand FL

Most people seem to have the idea that your car’s scheduled maintenance must be completed at the dealership where you got the vehicle, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, when it does come time for your preventative & scheduled maintenance, trusting it to the experts at DeLand Auto Fix will save you considerable time and money. From transmission and engine service to 30/60/90k milestone services, if your car needs it, DeLand Auto Fix has you covered.

Oil Change Near Me

When you need preventative maintenance or an oil change in DeLand, FL, you need the pros at DeLand Auto Fix. Our certified technicians have performed these intricate procedures hundreds of thousands of times, and we are waiting to help you keep your car performing in tip-top shape. All you have to do is make an appointment!

Full Synthetic Oil Change


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First Time Customers Only

  • Up To 6 Qts Of Full Synthetic Oil
  • Good For 6,000 Miles
  • Courtesy Multi Digital Point Inspection

All coupons are a welcome introduction to our auto repair shop, they are meant to be use as a one time usage per customer.


EXP 06-30-2024

Synthetic Blend Oil Change


First Time Customers Only

All coupons are a welcome introduction to our auto repair shop, they are meant to be use as a one time usage per customer.

*Excludes diesels & European Vehicle Makes. Up to 6 qts of 5w30 synthetic blend oil Good for 3000 Miles Courtesy Multi Point Inspection, check tire pressure, check and top up most fluids.


EXP 06-30-2024

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